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Make the basics fun & visual.

Mr. C's Grammar Wheels

10 separate verb groups that form short, basic phrases through color and symbol matching.

Teachers Manual

The 32-page manual explains how English language learners can use each wheel to speed up the beginner's progress.

Get the full packet.

The Grammar Wheels are sold on teaching site for $29.95 plus shipping.

YouTube Channel

The Grammar Wheel - Introduction

The highest rated video explains how it works.

S Verbs

This educational song explains the rules of using the s-form of English verbs.

Helping Verbs - Do and Does

Do and Does are the most unique helping verbs.

Connect wheel phrases to make longer sentences.

Conjunction flashcards extend.

Use "ing" with the verbs To Be.

Always a two-verb combination

Sentences can turn into questions.

Switch the pronoun and verb To Be.

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